You May Qualify For A $7,395 College Grant To Use Towards Earning Your Degree

You May Qualify For A $7,395 College Grant To Use Towards Earning Your Degree

If you were to qualify for a grant worth up to $7,395 a year, would that make earning your degree seem more possible and realistic?

You'll be excited to learn that a wide range of federal education grants, at amounts up to $7,395, may be available to help you do just that.

What Is A Federal Pell Grant?

Federal Pell Grants are funds provided to undergraduate students in amounts of up to $7,395 each school year. Unlike loans, these federal pell grants for education are awarded based on the needs and qualifications of the student and do not have to be repaid*. Students must be attending approved four-year colleges or universities, community colleges, or career schools to qualify.

What Can You Use This Grant Money For?

Pell grant money can be spent on useful education-related costs like tuition, books, housing, and even child or dependent care.

Can I Use It To Go To An Online School?

Yes, pell grant money can go toward an accredited online school and degree. If you've been putting off getting your degree because of the associated high cost or your long list of competing priorities, now's the time to reconsider. With a potential of $7,395 in federal aid and the flexible option of accredited online degree programs, you may never get a better time to finish your degree.

The beautiful thing about this is, not only are accredited online degree programs just as credible as on-campus accredited degree programs, but they also offer a great deal of flexibility. Because of their online nature, you can fit your classwork around your job, family, and other responsibilities. With online degree programs, you may even have the option to start taking your classes whenever you're ready rather than wait for the beginning of a new semester or term.

As you're trying to find the ideal school and degree for you, take a look at Their degree finder can help you find a degree program at an online or on-campus school that works for you. A school representative will then help direct you toward getting the greatest amount of financial aid possible, based upon your qualifications.

Why Aren't Others Getting Grants?

Although many Americans may qualify for these $7,395 pell grants, few are taking advantage of them. Why?

Americans don't apply for federal pell grants for one of three reasons: 1) they don't know they exist, 2) they believe it has to be repaid and don't want to have debt, or 3) or they don't think they will qualify.

So here's some insight — Pell grants do exist, they do not need to be repaid*, and you could qualify for a free $7,395 grant and get back on the road to finishing your degree soon.

How Do You Qualify?

Pell Grant qualifications are awarded based upon the following:

  • your financial need,
  • your cost of attendance at your school,
  • your status as a full-time or part-time student,
  • your school is accepted by the Department of Education as a participating school,
  • whether or not you've finished a bachelor's or professional degree, and
  • your plans to attend school for a full academic year or less.

Pell Grant qualifications are not awarded based upon:

  • your age - students of any age can apply,
  • your grades,
  • any other student aid for which you qualify,
  • your credit score - no credit check is required.

Applying for financial aid is relatively simple. If you're still not convinced that applying is worth it, you can get a fairly accurate estimate of your potential award using the FAFSA4caster tool. Of course, to find out the exact amount of award you may qualify to receive, you will need to submit a FAFSA application. The schools you list on your application will then use your FAFSA information to evaluate your financial need and decide how much aid you are eligible to receive. The schools may also use your information to determine any school-sponsored aid.

Contact a school of your choice through this free online school and degree tool and let an academic advisor help you through the admission and financial aid process.

Financial Aid Recap

Here are some simplified steps for getting financial aid:

1a). Determine the degree programs and schools that will best fit your career goals. Use free and quick online degree and school filtering tools like the one offered by, here.

1b). Talk to advisors from the schools of your choice to find which school best fits you, then apply for admission.

2). Fill out a Free Application for Federal Student Aid form online and submit it for a share of the $150 billion given out to US students each year.

Don't put off your earning your degree any longer! See what kind of financial aid you can qualify for by finding a school and degree program that meet your career goals, and then apply for a financial aid grant.

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