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Rhode Island

The Ocean State is the smallest in the United States. Rhode Island was the first colony to declare independence from British rule. The state has a diverse New England population and a rich history. For such a small state, Rhode Island has two public universities, one community college, a US Navy college and nine other private institutions. Brown University is one of the most distinguished schools in Rhode Island, a state that puts a high value on education.

Living in Rhode Island

Rhode Island has about 1.1 million residents within its 1,045 square miles. That’s just over 1,000 people per every square mile. The population is about 78% white, 12% Hispanic or Latino, 6% black, and 3% Asian. About 78% of Rhode Islanders over 25-years-old have their high school diploma and 26% have their bachelor’s degree or higher. Rhode Island is one of the wealthier states in the nation, and the median household income is above the national median at about $54,500.

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