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Networking / Security Degree Overview

Information Technology is the IT Career

Information technology also known as IT has one of the most sizzling career outlooks and offers some of the best paying salaries on the planet. The IT industry as a whole made over $763 billion in revenues worldwide in 2009, Gartner. Despite the difficult employment forecast of the Great Recession, businesses still need and are hiring skilled IT workers.

Networking / Security Career Outlook

ITs Stellar Career Outlook

Information technology has a stellar career outlook. Businesses are only utilizing more information technology, and the need to update computer information technology systems only continues to increase as time passes. The computer systems design and related services industry is among the economy’s largest and fastest sources of employment growth. The projected 2004-14 employment increase of 453,000 translates into 1.6 million jobs by Jay M. Berman, Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Take a look at some of the following IT careers and their projected employment growth through the year 2018:

  • Computer software engineers-Projected Job Growth thru 2018-32%
  • Computer applications engineers-Projected Job Growth thru 2018-34%
  • Computer systems software engineers-Projected Job Growth thru 2018-30%
  • Database administrators-Projected Job Growth thru 2018-30%
  • Network systems analysts-Projected Job Growth thru 2018-53%
  • Network administrators-Projected Job Growth thru 2018-23%

The glass is more than half-empty and a need is definitely growing.

The most basic fundamental principle of technology management is the investigation and comprehension of how information technology will help any given business, large or small, expand and prosper. Technology management is a crucial component to companies looking to expand, because the information that is arranged and organized by information technology management can provide useful data for future company decisions.

There are several different degree paths you can take in Technology Management with varied salary forecasts:

Information Technology Management

This degree saturation covers the overall scope and management of all technology. Information technology management assists a business in organizing and ensuring that any and all information pertaining to a certain department or component of a company is accurate and readily available at all times.

Median annual wages for Information Technology Managers, based on recent data is between $60,000 and $80,000 depending on the type of position, experience, education and geographic location.

Networking / Security Required Job Skills and Knowledge

Got IT Skills and Degree-Youve got a Job

If youre going to work in IT, youve got to have the right skills and education. All IT jobs require some post-secondary training (beyond high school diploma). The most common college degrees and certifications required IT jobs are:

  • College diploma/certification-Under 18 months
  • Associates Degree-24 months
  • Bachelors Degree-4 years of traditional college attendance
  • Masters Degree-2 years of college beyond a bachelors degree.

Top IT Degrees

In 2011, 3 of the top 12 undergraduate college degrees for the United States were IT degrees, according to These degrees were:

  • Electronics Engineering
  • Computer Engineering
  • Computer Science

Common Classes in IT Computer Science Degree Program

One of the best IT undergraduate, bachelors degrees (4 years of college) to obtain is a computer science degree. Below is a list of common courses usually found in a computer science degree program:

  • Operating Systems
  • Numerical computation
  • Compilers
  • Software Engineering
  • Databases
  • Real-time computing
  • Distributed system
  • Computer Networking
  • Data Communication
  • Computer graphics
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Multimedia
  • Internet computing
  • Software tools and systems programming
  • Human-computer interaction
  • Information theory
  • Algorithm design and analysis
  • Software testing
  • Visual computing

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